22 July 2009

Southern Indiana...Where Can I Find This!?!

Sometimes we are asked where particular beers can be found around the state. Sometimes we know the answer, sometimes not. We hope that help can be found by passing the question along to you.

From Glenn in Jasper IN...
Thanks for the neat site. I was wondering if you could help me locate the nearest location to purchase Arrogant bastard beer in Indiana. I reside in Jasper, Indiana approximately one hour north of Evansville and 2 hours south of Indy. Thanks for your time and effort.
Thanks for the question Glenn! I don't know if you are looking for Arrogant Bastard on tap or bottled, so we'll ask for both and see what comes up.

Anyone from the area know of establishments (bars, liquor stores, etc.) near Jasper where Glenn would have luck finding Arrogant Bastard either on draught or in a bomber?

Edit: Glenn emailed to let us know that he found a place.
For all concerned,

I discovered a place in French Lick IN called Red Dog Liquors that has every brew imaginable. They carry all the available micro brews made in the hoosier state as well.
Thanks to everyone for your responses!


  1. Looks like Bloomington is his best shot, barring that, Indianapolis

    Big Red Liquors
    418 N. College Ave
    Bloomington, Indiana

  2. West Side Liquor in Evansville has bombers. Also Gerst Haus in Evansville usually has the bastard on tap! Give them both a hollar before you drive from Jasper.

  3. You may be able to find it at the Schnitzelbank as they order Arrogant B every now and then. Please ask your Local Liquor store for it! Otherwise you can find it at Cannelton Liq in Cannelton- 812-547-6727 /Lost River Market in Paoli-812-723-3735 / Big Red Liq in French Lick 812-936-6300 / On tap at Gerst House or in most liq. stores in Evansville