30 December 2008

Reminder: HBG New Year's Party at Deano's Vino tomorrow

Hopefully you're already planning on attending, but just in case you're not - don't forget our New Year's Party at Deano's Vino (1112 Shelby St, Indianapolis (317) 423-3154) tomorrow night! Even if you're on your way somewhere else, no cover means it's easy to stop on in and have a pint or two.

We'll be kicking things at off at 9PM in our special way with limited pours of Dogfish 120 Minute IPA and Delirium Tremens ($10/pour), an all you can eat buffet ($15), and DJ Phil.

Hope to see you there.


  1. Is Deano's going to kid friendly for this event?

  2. Hey Jason. I would imagine that kids would be welcome on the restaurant side of Deano's. However, you might call the restaurant before heading over just to check because I'm not sure.

  3. I'd be surprised if kids weren't allowed in the dining room side. They have never been allowed to hang out in the bar side except to go to the restrooms.

  4. I've got reservations for seven pm with a little one, so you're cool.

  5. FYI, Matt (at Deano's) said they aren't looking overbooked until after 9pm. It IS kid friendly from a legal standpoint, but he said to beware of after 9pm when it turns into a drunkfest (those are my words in paraphrase).

    They are only taking reservations for 4 or more and it looks like it's only necessary the close you get to 9pm and after.

  6. Yeah I think reservation are really only for the dining/sit down sort of thing, which our party isn't, really...

    I hope not, anyway, because none of us have reservations.

  7. NYE recap from our table

    Dogfish Head Indian Brown - Yummy
    Bell's Two Hearted - Yummy
    Brugge White - ok, not their best effort tho...
    Delirium Tremens - Yummy
    Brugge Thunder Monkey - Yummy
    Dogfish Head 12- Minute - Blech !