10 December 2008

The Hoosier Beer Geek Best of 2008 Readers' Poll

It's the holiday season, and that means it's time for our first ever "Best of" poll. You may remember our readers' survey from a while back - this isn't like that. It's totally different - because this time we're handing out awards.

You may be asking "what's the award look like?" Well, it looks like an email of congratulations. Or maybe a window sticker. What the award looks like doesn't matter. Everyone wants to be a winner, and we're going to work to make that happen for some deserving folks. With your help, of course.

So here's a link to the survey. Just eight simple questions.

Jason, Jim, Kelly, Mike, Matt, Gina, Matt, Chris, Jess, and Rod
The Hoosier Beer Geek Knights of the Beer Roundtable

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