22 June 2007

We're Experts*

Our thanks go out to Jim Walker and the folks at INtake, who have given Hoosier Beer Geek another healthy dose of publicity thanks to the many articles in their June 21st beer issue.

Advice from our Knights of the Beer Roundtable were featured in three seperate articles in the issue: Beer Me, Learning to Sip, and Booze Clues.

There's a little something to learn for everyone in the INtake issue; for example, at least three Hoosier Beer Geeks were not aware of Party Pak Liquors, which is just a couple miles from my beautiful and expansive southside estate. From the looks of their beer selection in the article, an awareness of Party Pak is going to be pretty rewarding.

Pick up the new issue of INtake at your local grocery store, liquor store, bar, church, temple or synagogue, or adult bookstore.

*We are not experts.


  1. * Our estate is neither beautiful nor expansive.

  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back up! You did not know of Parti Pak?!? It's like the holy beer grail of Indianapolis! No disrespect to the Hop Shop, which is an excellent establishment, but Parti Pak easily has the largest selection of beer in town. I love that place!

  3. Some of us knew about the Parti Pack. While they may have the best selection, their selection is often very dated, dusty, and way past it's prime. On more than two occasions, I have picked up bottles of something from Unibroue, which typically have shelf-lives of about 8 years. They were well past their shelf-lives.

    To be fair, I haven't been in since the "re-organization", so I should give it another chance. But dust on the bottles does NOT a good beer store make.

  4. The post has been rewritten to accurately reflect the knowledge of the collective Knights.

    None of us watching the game last night knew about Parti Pak.

  5. By the way, did anyone notice the huge Bud Light and Coors ads in INtake?