10 June 2007

If only I had a mustache as cool as Burt Reynolds'

Not that long ago, I was thinking about the movie Smokey and the Bandit, a movie that came out the same year I was born, oddly enough. A movie that is celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year. What better way to celebrate it than to hope in a black Trans-Am, evade some state troopers, and ship some booze across state lines.

Well, I'm not a trucker. And I don't have a black Trans-Am. And I normally drive exactly 9 MPH over the speed limit in hopes of not grabbing too much attention from the fuzz.

But not too long ago, I did bring some beer across state lines. And it is a beer not available here in Indiana. And much like Coors back in '77, the stories about the quality of this beer are almost mythical in proportion.

I am speaking of Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium Brewing Company in Ft. Collins, Colorado. If you talk to anybody from Indiana who has dad Fat Tire, you'll hear some tales about the healing powers of this elixir, how it brought peace in the Middle East, and just how damn tasty this beer is, the tastiest around.

I've had some tasty beers. In fact, Indiana and the Midwest are able to produce some damn fine brews. But I have never had Fat Tire. So is it as good as people claim? Or, like Coors, is it elevated up by the fact that, until recently, it wasn't shipped east of the Mississippi? I'm hoping to find out.

During a recent trip to Chicago, which recently started receiving shipments of Fat Tire, I picked up a case of 12 big-ass bottles. And this Thursday, I am having the Knights of the Beer Round Table, and a few selected guests, at my humble abode at Four Square No. 266 for a grill out, a blind taste test of red ales, and, hopefully, an honest assessment of Fat Tire.

Come Thursday, we'll know if there is any (Sheriff Buford T.) Justice to the Fat Tire tales.


  1. I like Fat Tire quite a bit. It is by no means a god among beer, but it is good. More than anything I think I'm jealous that it seems like any bar west of Indiana has it on tap and the only specialty beer we can count on to be on tap at most bars is Blue Moon (ugh).

  2. I'm very much looking forward to this tasting. Fat Tire sounds like some tasty stuff.

    As long as we're on the subject of Coors, when I was in college, Coors still was not available in Indiana. It was, however, available in Illinois. One of my fraternity brothers used to drive across the state line just to pick up what was called a "party ball" of Coors Light. It was basically a plastic ball (about the size of a mini-keg) packaged in a neat cardboard box, and the ball was full of Coors Light. I don't know if party balls are still sold, but I laugh every time I think about my fraternity brother going to such lengths to buy such a shitty beer just because it wasn't available in Indiana.

  3. I swear I saw Fat Tire at either Kahn's or World Market up in Carmel.

  4. Not at Kahn's. I was just there. Next time I'm at World Market, I'll keep an eye out.