07 April 2014

HBG's April Pint Night | Thursday, April 24, Tomlinson Tap Room, 5pm

We're looking forward to this month's HBG Pint Night because we're featuring a beer especially brewed for the coming of warmer weather (and damn, we need warmer weather after that bastard of a winter). We honored this beer last December as our Beer of the Year for 2013. And we're not featuring just one version of this beer; we're featuring four versions of it, along with a bonus beer that the brewery in question is bringing along.

The beers we're talking about are Bloomington Brewing Company's 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat, which was our 2013 Beer of the Year, and the brewery's Bière de Mars.

So join us at the Tomlinson Tap Room in the City Market (222 East Market Street, 317.423.2337) at 5pm1 on Thursday, April 24. Along with Bière de Mars, BBC will bring the following versions of 10-Speed: regular 10-Speed, pineapple 10-Speed, vanilla 10-Speed, and coconut 10-Speed. Drafts will be $4.00 (full pint for regular 10-Speed and Bière de Mars, half-pint for the other versions of 10-Speed). The beers as described by the brewery:

10-Speed: Slightly hazy and golden-hued, 10-Speed packs piney aromas, subtle tropical fruit nuances and a nice crisp finish. This American-style wheat offers a nice hop punch yet is still light and refreshing enough for a warm summer day.

ABV 5.4%; IBU 34.

Bière de Mars: Springtime brings revival. Doors are thrown open and scents of a blossoming world greet us. We want a refreshing beer to drink along with it. Welcome, Bière de Mars.

With roots in Northern France, Bière de Mars is an offshoot of a style known as Bière de Garde, brewed in early spring, then stored in cool places for consumption throughout the warm summer months.

The Bière de Mars style is meant to be consumed immediately, as freshly as possible. You’ll see why.

The nose greets with aromas of sweet honey, peppercorn and tangerine. Medium-light bodied with bold malt running throughout and peppery spice returning on the tongue. Tettnanger hops develop a nice, earthy and floral flavor and a pleasant, dry finish.

Sounds like the perfect beer to wrap up the days of winter in hopes of a warm spring.

ABV 6.2%; IBU 9.

What is the purpose of Pint Night?  To feature a flavorful beer at a reasonable price and, if you're interested in learning, to educate you about the particular beer on tap. So come on out and enjoy some great beer and conversation.

Finally, congratulations to BBC for finally offering their Rooftop IPA in bottles. And if you're down in Bloomington this week for Bloomington Craft Beer Week, don't miss BBC's events during the week.

1 All beers will actually be tapped at 2pm, but the event doesn't officially start until 5pm.

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