18 June 2013

Ticket Giveaway - Sun King & MOKB Present: SKB IV

Join Sun King Brewery and My Old Kentucky Blog for a celebration of four years of Fresh•Local•Beer; Saturday, July 6th from 4-10pm at Sun King. Festivities include the tapping of Sun King's most anticipated seasonal beer, Grapefruit Jungle, accompanied by some of Indy's best food trucks and live rock and roll, honky tonk, blues and soul from Sturgill Simpson, Saint Paul and the Broken Bones, and Luella and the Sun.

This event will sell out so we highly encourage you to get your tickets in advance. A limited amount of $12 discount tickets will be available at Sun King or you may purchase them online ($15) at http://www.mokbpresents.com/event/266169-sun-king-4-indianapolis/.

A portion of the proceeds will go to IPS Education Foundation Teaching with Technology program. Check them out at www.ipsef.org

Thanks to all who entered, this contest is now closed.

We'll chose our favorite comment on Tuesday (7/2/13) at 10 a.m. EST, and the winner gets the tickets. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE US A METHOD TO CONTACT YOU - an email address or a twitter handle is great. You'll be responsible for checking back to see if you've won, and we can figure the rest out after that.

Creative entries are particularly appreciated.
We reserve the right to not give you tickets if we think you're shady.
We reserve the right to change all the rules and not award the prize if we don't like how things go.
Don't be a pain in the ass.
By participating, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of HoosierBeerGeek.com, which shall be final and binding with regard to all matters relating to the contest.


  1. Grapefruit grows in the jungle.
    Jungle fruit tastes better.
    Grapefruit is not actually made from grapes.
    Jungles cover over 95% of the planet Venus.


  2. Jungles have frogs that will f#$!*g kill you!
    It's been proven that grapefruits represent the most perfect womens' breast size
    The jungles of Costa Rica inspired Jungle music which morphed into Drum and Bass
    When someone uses the term "grapefruit brain," they mean someone who has a sour attitude


  3. You will find no Welcomes in the jungle, only solemn hand shakes

    A grapefruit can be easily eaten in a way which annoys everyone in the room

    The velocity of a monkey swinging in a jungle is twice that of one swinging in a forest

    Grapefruits are the most well-suited fruit for becoming a projectile


  4. 1) If you do get welcomed to the jungle, baby, you're gonna die. 2) There was a famous book written about the jungle, but it only covers the bare necessities 3) In the first written account of the grapefruit it was called "The Forbidden Fruit" 4) The grapefruit guest starred on Weird Al's 1999 "Running with Scissors" hit "Grapefruit Diet"

  5. Malkovich) Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.
    Malkovich) Malkovich Malkovich, Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.
    Malkovich) Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich? Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich. Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich, Malkovich.
    Malkovich) Malkovich Malkovich!

  6. David actually squirted grapefruit juice into Goliath's eye to kill him.

    I have a trampstamp that says "Welcome to the Jungle."

    When I wear a speedo, people say it is my "grapefruit smuggler."

    I taught my dog Willard to say, "Yo quiero Grapefruit Jungle."


  7. Grapefruit is natures true aphrodisiac.
    Jungle green and grapefuit pink are my favorite crayon colors.
    Eating grapefruit will cause your jungle "down there" to grow wild.
    You can substitute grapefruit juice for lemon juice when cooking.

  8. 1) Grapefruit is the flavor of fine wines and ales
    2) Grapefruit is the only citrus to inspire a dance craze
    3) Grapefruit does not grow in grape-like clusters, but looks like it on poorly pruned trees
    4) Grapefruit is awesome when grilled and carmelized

  9. 1: Jungles are the home to the most mythological and dangerous creature, the grapefruit.
    2: The heaviest grapefruit on record weighed an amazing 4 tons.
    3: The jungle that appeared in the movie Ferngully was paid 1 million dollars for it's appearance.
    4: Tarzan, who is actually real, was raised by a family of grapefruit, not apes.


  10. Grapefruit was first mentioned in writing in 1750 and was referred to as the forbidden fruit.
    The grapefruit is still known as one of the 7 wonders of Barbados
    The word jungle comes from the sanskrit word jangala that means uncultivated land
    In the billion-word Oxford English Corpus, the descriptive term that most frequently precedes the word 'jungle' is 'concrete'.