10 June 2013

Ticket Giveaway - Brew Bracket

Our friends at Brew Bracket have been so kind as to offer us two tickets to their event coming up on Saturday, June 15th. 

taste. vote. repeat.
Brew Bracket is back for a twist on the classic event, featuring 16 of Indiana's finest Pale Ales. Come join the crowd of 400 for an afternoon of blind, head to head beer tasting. Visit a station, taste two beers, and vote for your favorite across 15 rounds of tournament action. At the end of the day, one brewer will be left standing, the Brew Bracket champion. 
The event will feature award-winning pale ales from Flat 12, Upland, Bloomington, Barley Island, Triton, Brugge, Rock Bottom College Park, Half Moon, RAM, Iechyd Da, Three Wisemen, Union Brewing, Indiana City, Rock Bottom Downtown Indy, Peoples, and Evil Czech Brewing.  
A portion of ticket sales will be donated directly to People for Urban Progress (PUP), an Indianapolis based non-profit organization that promotes and advances public transit, environmental awareness, and urban design (http://www.peopleup.org/) 
This is a 21+ event only. ID is required at the door. Designated driver tickets include free soda and water at the event. We are proud to bring some of the greatest variety in food trucks to our events for anyone looking for a bite to eat during a break from the beer tasting. Come join us for great times, an infamous tweet wall, toe tapping tunes, rocking door prizes, and some of the best pale ales Indiana has to offer.   
The VIP session begins at 2PM and features a Q&A and additional sampling of some personal creations from previous Brew Bracket winners. Andrew Castner, head brewer of RAM (and most decorated Brew Bracket brewer) as well as one additional TBD brewer will be participating in the VIP hour before the Pale Ale event. Doors open to all participants at 2:45PM, tasting begins at 3.  
For any more details about our event please visit www.brewbracket.com or send us a question through Eventbrite. Cheers!

We have two (2) tickets to give away to this event. To enter, please leave a comment below in which you tell us a haiku or short poem with the words "brew", "bracket", and "pale".

We'll chose our favorite comment on Thursday (6/13/13) at 10 a.m. EST, and the winner gets the tickets. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE US A METHOD TO CONTACT YOU - an email address or a twitter handle is perfect. You'll be responsible for checking back to see if you've won, and we can figure the rest out after that.

Creative entries are particularly appreciated.
We reserve the right to not give you tickets if we think you're shady.
We reserve the right to change all the rules and not award the prize if we don't like how things go.
Don't be a pain in the ass.
By participating, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of HoosierBeerGeek.com, which shall be final and binding with regard to all matters relating to the contest.


  1. Osirus Pale Ale
    (Floral to the hoppiest)
    Walkabout my Brew


  2. The only thing Pale
    Is my mood if I miss the
    Indy Brew Bracket


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  4. Brew, brew. Brew bracket, it’s true
    No reason to feel blue, or be sad your plans fell through
    Local Indy breweries, bring their Pales for you to judge
    Try them all, try to be fair, give them all your respect and love
    In the end, like the Highlander there can be only one
    So send me to the Pale Ale Brew Bracket so I can participate in the fun!


  5. Brew Bracket, Brew Bracket
    how fun that you are!
    My heart would be pale and flat
    If I missed you from afar.
    So send me
    All mighty beer geek gods!
    Pick me from this bunch!
    And together,
    on a necklace of pretzels,
    we will munch!


  6. Brew a fine pale ale
    Brew it from a cell in jail
    I don't care how you brew the pale
    Just do it, or you fail
    The finished product better be good
    If its not, then change hobbies to food
    And leave the tickets for the bracket
    To the rest of us who won't cause any racket


  7. Twas a lovely brew
    But pales in comparison
    To the stout bracket


  8. I don't drink brew -
    But my boyfriend sure do.
    His favorite beer? I'll give you a clue.
    India Pale Ales always come through.
    Tickets to the Brew Bracket, specifically two,
    Would make me girlfriend of the year - it's 100% true!


  9. Pale, as early dawn
    Head to head in bracket judged
    Til one brew stands, alone


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  11. If one has a clue
    They know well the brew
    Which can be drunk at the Bracket
    There they shall not lack it
    But if knowing this
    They must stay home and miss
    Their face shall turn pale
    And their day filled with wails


  12. When I Learn to Brew
    Ale will surely win the Bracket
    The Pale will be true