01 November 2012

The New Kids

It was time for some new blood, so HBG searched far and wide (or maybe just down at the other end of the bar) and found some beer lovin' folks to join their cause. Enter Megan, Jake, and Kristin. The three of us love being Hoosiers, and we love beer. That's all you need, right? Well, HBG requested a little more info from us...read on for the details. And yes, we were imbibing when the questions hit, so please forgive the inconsistencies. We look forward to many HBG adventures - cheers!

credit: tvguide.com


Hi! My name is Megan, or Meg, or Megaleg, or Megsaurus.  I have probably met some of you already at Sun King or hoisting a pint around town at one of our many fine drinking establishments.  I was thrilled when HBG asked me to officially join their ranks.  I have made quite a pest of myself the last few years, tagging along whenever possible.  But what really got my heart pumping with excitement is when I read their initiation questions.  I knew that these fine folks were in it to win it, asking about some very critical issues. Below are my answers so you’ll know what side of the fence I’m on:

• Was The Breakfast Club a keen social commentary on 80s teenage angst, or was it a chick flick?  I feel very firmly that this was commentary, nay, a DOCUMENTARY on 80s teenage angst. 
• Are jean jackets timelessly cool?  Absolutely…as long as they are not embellished with any extra metal or iron-on patches. The more “blue” the denim the better. Orange stitching preferred, but not required.
• Should Jimmy Buffet be exiled into the 666th ring of hell? Tomorrow is not soon enough for this to happen.

In short, I look forward to seeing many of you out and about, please stop me and say ‘hello’ and tell me what you like (or don’t like) about the craft beer industry in our town.  But be warned…I’m an ugly crier, so keep it nice. I’m also very easily offended, so do NOT fucking swear at me.

P.S. I’ve already had some friends ask me in disbelief what on EARTH I think I’ll contribute to HBG? I can’t really explain what a “mouth-feel” is, and I don’t know all the hops in the world nor can I identify them in a single sip of beer.  I thought long and hard about what I can bring to the table, and at the end of the day there are two things that are as important to me as craft beer…cats and snark.   So, look forward to more cats and more snark!!


• Smoked Beers? As long as they don't taste like Mike's used cycling band-aids, I enjoy a good bonfire in a glass.
• Sour Beers? Until the description involves "A horse that rolled in it's own shit", I really enjoy sours
• Flip-flops? Absolutely believe there is a time and a place for Flip-Flops and Jeans. Early fall and beach vacations.
• Jean Jackets with jeans? Only if there is a USA themed shirt under the jacket. Sleeves optional.
• Jimmy Buffet, yay or nay? I've worked enough of his concerts to be comfortable never attending one.
• Go-to Beers: Half Acre Daisy Cutter, F12 Walkabout, SK Osiris, NABC Beaks Best



• Was The Breakfast Club a keen social commentary on 80s teenage angst, or was it a chick flick? I don’t care what it is...either way I’d still love it. 
• Smoked Beers? Absolutely not...they almost didn’t let me in with this answer.
• Sour Beers? Absolutely...unless it’s like drinking vinegar. 
• Flip-flops? If it’s above freezing, I am good-to-go with flip-flops. 
• Jean Jackets with jeans? Never.
• Jimmy Buffet, yay or nay? Nay. I’ve been to one of his concerts - that was enough to never want to go back.
• Go-to Beers: Alpha King, Osiris, Pooka, Workingman's Pilsner

Megan wins! Buy her a pint the next time you see her. 


  1. Is this hazing...did you guys just haze me?

  2. Love it. Excited to see the new and old commentary from the ever evolving HBG. Cheers guys!