17 June 2012

A toast to better beer drinking dads

I'm not sure what my father drank before Coors crossed the Mississippi, but the first brand I remember my dad drinking was Coors Light. Thankfully, he's a smart man and wised up. It only took one business trip to Germany to push his tastebuds towards better beer. Imports led to microbrews and, well, the family thank drinks together stays together!

So I raise a toast to all the better beer drinking dads. For the toast, I opened up a tall boy of Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. I had purchased the Torpedo at Stoney's Liquors on East 10th just east of Emerson, which is where I make most of my beer purchases. This particular purchase was in preparation for the Indy 500.

I have not had Torpedo often, but I was interested in taking an IPA to the Speedway. Drinking it from the can, it was high on pine-like bitters. I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Today, I poured Torpedo into a glass and the flavors and aromas blossomed. It was still big on pine, but some citrus came through as well as malt flavors. It's not as sweet as a double or imperial IPA. Not as boozy either. A super hoppy IPA. Great for those in a hoppy mood. Happy Fathers Day everybody!

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