19 June 2012

A shout-out to Chi-town Jimmy

I dedicate this writing to fellow Knight of the Beer Roundtable Jim. Or, as he is known to his family and friends, Chi-town Jimmy.

Most people know Chi-town Jimmy as a professional of the legal arts and a Hebrew philosopher. But once upon a time, Chi-town Jimmy was a notorious bootlegger that transported craft beer between Chi-town and the Circle City. Of course, he would always stop in his hometown of Valparaiso to visit his mother. However, Chi-town Jimmy's mother didn't know that her sweet, dear boy was involved in organized crime. The boy that she raised and took to ballet was a beer distributor on the down low.

After visiting his mom, Chi-town Jimmy would say hi to the bootleggers left in the slamma, from St. Louis to Memphis, from Texas back up to Indiana, Chi-Town, K.C., Motown to Alabama, L-A, New York Yankee bootleggers to Hotlanta, Louisiana, all his bootleggers with "Country Grammar", drinking bombers in Savannah.

But Chi-town Jimmy got out of that racket. He went straight. And became a law abiding citizen too. He traded in his gangster garb for skinny jeans, tshirts with graphics from bands of yore, and a denim jacket.

Now that Chi-town Jimmy isn't hooking me up with Chi-town beer, I have to travel to Chi-town myself and purchase Chi-town beers at a Chi-town beer store. So that's how after a visit to Binny's Beverage Depot I came to have a bottle of Dynamo Copper Lager from Metropolitan Brewing in Chi-town.

I have been on a lager kick recently. And after sweating my ass off while doing yard work, a lager sounded about perfect. Dynamo is a full bodied lager with a great malt presence and a hint of hops. This dark gold beer was exactly what I was looking for: a non-lame lager with enough power to satisfy the better beer fan while crisp and clean enough to satisfy my summer beer desires. A perfect beer for sitting on a Hoosier front porch. Or on a Lake Michigan beach in Chi-town.

So tip one back and remember the greatest vegetarian bootlegger to do the sixty-five route in under 12 parsecs: Chi-town Jimmy.

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