07 May 2012

Scenes from Tailgate for Nothing 6

Good food, good beer, friendly people, perfect weather -- we couldn't have asked for a better combination for the most recent edition of Tailgate for Nothing.

As has been the case at past TFN's, folks were in the spirit of sharing and socializing. You couldn't walk five steps before someone offered you a taste of something you'd never had before. Full coolers of beer soon became empty. Casserole dishes, crock pots, and cake pans were hauled away after hungry attendees had their fill of breakfast-style dishes. The theme of TFN6 was "International Breakfast" after all.

We thank those who came out to enjoy the day with us. And if you missed us this time, we hope to see you at TFN7 this fall. In the meantime, here's a sampling of scenes from TFN6--

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