26 April 2012

Dark Lord Day 2012

Tomorrow is Dark Lord Day Eve, and if you were lucky enough to snag a ticket in that 4 minute window in March, you're starting to get as excited as a kid on your way to Disney World.  The pre-event exposure this year has been a lot lower, but we'll try to put together all the information we know in one convenient spot for you.

  • High of 45
  • 70% chance of precipitation

Band Lineup
  • Argonauts
  • Powermad (featuring Todd Haug, Surly's head brewer)
  • Eyehategod
  • High on Fire (were listed as Ghan Jovi)

Dark Lord Wax Color
  • RED
Guest Taps Provided By
  • Firestone Walker
  • Upland
  • New Albanian Oaktimus and Rye Barrel Aged Yakima
  • Haymarket
  • Sun King
  • Hitachino
  • Schlenkerla
  • Schneider
  • Birra Del Borgo
  • New Belgium
  • Stone
  • People's
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Left Hand
  • Brugge
  • Schlafly
  • Brew Dog
  • Cigar City
  • Pizza Port
  • Revolution
  • Pipeworks
  • Goose Island
  • Fat Heads
  • Founders

Rules of the Day
  • A ticket is required to attend Dark Lord Day.
  • Dark Lord Day is always CASH ONLY.  ATMs are on site and routinely run out of money during the day.
  • Last year the bottle limit was 4 per person, at $15 each.  This is always revealed on Dark Lord Day, but it's handy to use the previous year as a budget guideline.
  • Parking will be at a premium - carpool if possible.  No RVs.  
  • Either have a DD come pick you up or have a plan to get sober before you leave.
  • Bring water or Gatorade, hydration is key.
  • No pets or kids.
  • This isn't a tailgating event anymore, so keep your tents, coolers, grills, etc. at home.  If you want to bring in beer to sample and share, I'd recommend an over-the-shoulder style cooler.  If you're looking for a tailgating event, check out TFN6 next weekend.
  • Please don't trash the area, we've seen the aftermath the day after and it's not pretty.  Help everyone out and throw away your trash.
  • Carry your Dark Lord by the bottom of the package it is in.  Broken Dark Lord bottles are depressing.  Drunk people drinking Dark Lord off the street are even more depressing.
  • It's going to be cold and rainy, dress appropriately.
If you see any of us around on Saturday, stop and say "hi."  And more importantly, let us know what awesome beers we need to try!

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