19 April 2011

Mishawaka Brewing Company Has Closed

The string of bad news for Mishawaka Brewing Company started back in December of 2008, with the closing of what was then Indiana's second oldest brewpub.
The Brew Pub Ltd. restaurant located at 3703 North Main Street, Mishawaka will be closing at the end of business on December 3, 2008...

It should be noted for those who are not familiar with our structure that The Brew Pub Ltd is a corporation separate from The Mishawaka Brewing Company and The Pub (located at 408 W. Cleveland, Mishawaka at the corner of Grape & Cleveland).

The Mishawaka Brewing Company has continued to grow and in 2006 we opened a production brewery in Elkhart, IN. We will be consolidating the two brewing operations at our Elkhart location. Distribution will continue unchanged.
This morning we were made aware that Mishawaka's equipment and materials are up for sale, preceded by the following very short statement:
We have sold our brewery and have malted barley to clear out.
There's more here.

Does this mean the brewery has closed? That appears to be the case. We'll continue to look into the story and report back any findings. In the meantime, we'd like to wish the Schmidt family the best of luck in wherever they're headed next.

Thanks to Josh at Flat12 for the heads up.


  1. Really no surprise here. Best of luck to the owners, but I was never really a fan of their beer. Rumor has it all of the equipment was already sold to some other locals that plan to brew a series of Notre Dame themed beer.

    Meanwhile, Bare Hands just up the road in Granger is making great beer, and I'm hoping they open up this summer.

  2. Transitions are the devil.

    Tom came down to New Albany many years ago to tout his beers, and it was uber cool. My sense is that time was not friendly to the concept, and the needed energy was no longer there.

    Very sad. When breweries die, it's like people dying. We must take two steps forward for every step backward!

  3. I wonder who will wind up owning the rights to Four Horsemen Ale. Supposedly, the University of Notre Dame never trademarked the name "Four Horsemen"; had it done so, Mishawaka Brewing would have been looking for a new name and logo for the ale faster than you can say "cease and desist."

  4. Be on the lookout for Four Horseman Brewing which looks to be taking over Mishawaka Brew Co's stuff. They are on Facebook.

  5. Yes, and to correct my original post, they are NOT doing ND themed beer, so that is good to hear. I'm really excited for the two breweries to be opening in the South Bend area!

  6. Anyone know where they might sell Franziskaner or Paulaner Hefe Weizen (German Beer) in the South Bend area?