28 January 2009

What will good beer get you?

Well, the obvious answer is "a beer gut". Which I have. So I don't need another one.

If you are not careful, the answer could be "a DUI" or "a revoked license". Something we don't say enough here is don't drive drunk. End of PSA.

Today, though, the answer to "What will good beer get you?" is "use of a neighbor's snow blower and a lift to work." In my part of the world, ten inches of snow was dumped by mother nature. To clear it would require some back breaking labor.

Thankfully, my neighbor likes craft beer. And he knows that I have craft beer. So he let me use his snow blower to clear a path for my wife's car, knowing that I would return the favor in the form of beer. Beautiful, tasty beer.

Apparently beer has more value to him than snow blowers, because he also gave me a lift to work in his all wheel drive vehicle.

Craft beer: what can't you do?


  1. What will good beer get you? More than you might think...

    The two best instances I can remember are:
    1. The guys at the tire shop gave me a new tire instead of fixing my flat All it took was 1 case of COLD beer on a hot Nashville, TN summer day.
    2. The satellite TV guy dropped a spool of coaxial cable in my backyard after he was done for a 12pk of his favorite.

    To paraphrase the great cheese commercial: "Never underestimate the power of good beer."

  2. You think Uncle Sam would take beer in lieu of cash this year?