01 January 2009

New Years Party at Deano's Vino - Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to our New Year's party at Deano's Vino. We hope you had a good time, and we'd love to hear your thoughts.

We'd also like to thank Bob Ostrander from IndianaBeer.com, and the folks at Brugge Beer, who once again came through for us in a big way with the gift of THUNDERMONKEY. You're better to us than we deserve.


  1. Looks like I missed out on a festive event. I really wanted to make it last night, especially for the 120 on draft. Maybe next time.

    I did make up for it by making my own Heaven and Hell last night. For those of you not familiar with this concoction, this is a Dogfish Head 120 and World Wide Stout mixed as a Black and Tan.

    Despite varying reports, I found it to be most excellent. Just don't plan on doing much of anything for the next 4-5 hours afterwards...

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  2. When we left (1:30 AMish) there was still 120 on tap - I don't know if they blew that keg yet or not. If I remember correctly, Deano's is closed for a few days, but you might try to swing by after that and see if they've still got it on.

    That Heaven and Hell sounds tasty to me...

  3. New Year's Eve was a good time. The 120 is a mean beer; definitely a sipping beer. The Delirium on tap was nice. The Thunder Monkey was the best thing that night. Probably my favorite from Brugge. It was great to have so many people enjoying great beers.

    Scott, that Black and Tan combo will certainly appear at a beer geek session soon!

  4. NYE recap from our table

    Dogfish Head Indian Brown - Yummy
    Bell's Two Hearted - Yummy
    Brugge White - ok, not their best effort tho...
    Delirium Tremens - Yummy
    Brugge Thunder Monkey - Yummy
    Dogfish Head 120 - Minute - Blech !

  5. 120 too sweet for you? Are you an IPA drinker? Do you like 90 minute?

  6. I was worried that the 120 would be gone by the time I finally made it ... around 11 or so. I'm happy I was able to get a full taste of it and everyone was really great. Deano's was packed on the bar side, and the only complaint I had was that the in and out through the bar door kept it pretty drafty. I'm sure the guys didn't notice, but I was in a skimpy dress. It was cold to me - until I had finished 1/2 of my 120. Then I didn't care anymore. I didn't drink anything else than a 120 (ALMOST finished it).
    The party was fantastic and honestly, everyone was extremely friendly and I'm so happy I made it.

    Seacrest Out.

  7. My only regret is that by the time IBA went back on, I was so full of beer that I couldn't finish my glass. 120 minute was nice and festive, though sweeter than white wine and I'm glad I got to try it on tap. The bottle of Alpha Klaus was nice too. Thanks for saving us some Thunder Monkey since we were fashionably late!

    That was definitely a great way to end/start the year.

  8. It was a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed the 120 on tap. I also really enjoyed the Buffalo Bills Blueberry Oatmeal Stout.

    I just wish I hadn't enjoyed Rich-Os too much the night before, so I could enjoy NYE even more!

  9. yes, 120 minute was cloyingly sweet. I could have gotten past that but the acetone nose was disgusting. Save the acetone for removing fingernail polish and leave it out of my beer.
    90 minute is a really good beer. A bit big for my tastes but a good beer nonetheless. I love 60 minute tho.....