10 March 2008

Hey, where can I get that? | Schlafly Beer

I think that Mike and Jason have already done a top drawer job with their take on AleFest Indy, so I won't rehash what they said other than to note that I had a great time as well. I also have to say that I find it encouraging to see so many women showing up at these events. It's great to know that Kelly and Gina have a lot of company in their love of craft beers and that being a beer geek is no longer the sole province of dudes.

There is, however, one loose end that needs to be tied up here regarding AleFest. We received one question many times that we couldn't answer with certainty: "Where can I get Schlafly Beer in Indianapolis?" Here's your answer from Scott Shreffler of Schlafly:
Kahn's is a great answer for where to find our beer. Many United Package Liquors and Crown Liquors stores also carry us. As for non-chain accounts in Indy, Brandywine Liquors, The Hop Shop and Vine and Table also carry us.
For more information on these vendors--

Kahn's Fine Wines
The Hop Shop
Vine & Table
Brandywine Liquors
United Package Liquors
Crown Liquors


  1. As someone from St. Louis, I will point out that Schlafly prints a "bottled with love" date on the bottom of the front label (more or less) of each bottle. So, check the date before you lay down your hard-earned.

    The Pilsner, in particular, is really sensitive to age - it's quite lovely and has a beautiful hop aroma shortly after bottling, but this dissipates rather quickly, leaving a much less interesting, if still solid, beer. The rest of the line-up is a bit more hearty, but do check those dates.

  2. I have found Schlafly on draft at Beer Sellar.. but I have to point out that this was a miserable experience for me. In fact it is the pivot for pushing me to write Beer Sellar off my list. Anyway, the story goes that my friend and I were sitting at the bar at Beer Sellar and while looking at 50 taps, I realized that basically nothing sounded too exotic there.. then I saw the Schlafly tap all the way on the end. Sorry, it's been a year and I don't recall which variety any longer. Anyway, I get a pint and take a sip.. and it's horrible. Now I am a homebrewer and I know this beer is skunked badly with a very sour flavor. I pass the glass to my bud and ask him to take a taste and he agrees. So I push it back across the bar and tell the bartender that the beer is bad. To which I get a reply of "That's just the way it's supposed to be." The glass sat on the bar for an hour untouched and I ordered another beer. Finally she picked it up and dumped it, but refused to do anything about it. Thus.. Beer Sellar went on my ignore list and Schlafly unfortunately brings up bad thoughts before good now.

    Anyway, this is not meant to knock Schlafly at all.. This was strictly poor handling by the bar itself. I have since had bottles of some of their beer and really enjoyed it, including at Alefest. Nice meeting you guys btw!