04 May 2007

Hoosier Beer Geek Contest #1 - The Chips Ahoy Challenge

The Explanation

A few months ago while we were conducting roundtable #15, we somehow came across the topic of Bud Light. It was then that I shared with the group my love of Bud Light and chocolate chip cookies.

Now, I don't like Bud Light by itself - I'm much too sophisticated for that; But when used as a chaser for an original Chips Ahoy cookie, the subtle greatness of both items come out, and a cornucopia of tasty wonderment fills the pallet. That might be an exaggeration.

It just so happened that immediately following my annoucement, a gentleman stopped in at Deano's to buy beer. Despite Deano's fantastic selection, I noticed he was about to carry out a 6 pack of Miller Light (which is basically Bud Light with a different label). I asked him if he had any chocolate chip cookies at home. He answered in the affirmative, and I told him to make sure he tried the tastes together.

He seemed like he was up for the challenge. I never heard back from him, but I'd like to think that he's a loyal beer geek reader now.

The Prize

Last week at Shallos we had the pleasure of meeting Jim Schembre of World Class Beverages, who explained the tools World Class is using to educate the beer buying public about craft brews. One tool is the World Class website, which features Beer 101, a beer finder, a store, and more. Another tool is the World Class Beverages Beer of the Month calendar, which explains all the different types of beers, what sort of foods they match well with, the type of glass that should be used to consume them, and the labels and beers that World Class distributes. In addition, it features all 365 days of the year, each with its own little box to write things in. It's really quite a handy tool, no matter which month you receive it in - like May, for example.

The calendar sells for $10 at the website, but we're prepared to give it to you for (almost) free. But first we want something from you.

The Contest

In order to win a calendar, we want you to share your Food/Beer stories - perhaps a story of an odd pairing, something that went horribly wrong, or maybe something that went surprisingly right. To be honest, we don't even care if it's your story. Just leave your name (any name you choose is fine) and story in the comments for this post, and at the next roundtable we'll pick our favorites. We'll then announce the winners of the challenge in a later post, and mail out your prizes. We've got at least 3 calendars to hand out.

Our next meetup is Thursday the 10th of May, so don't hesitate with those stories - we want to hear from you!

The Disclaimer

Prizes will only be awarded to residents of the United States. Sorry, Norweigan readers.

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  1. I will take a free calendar!