26 February 2007

Oaken Barrel's Snake Pit Porter...and a scholarly discussion of The Beastmaster

What's your favorite cheesy 1980's fantasy flick? That was a prime topic of conversation at our latest roundtable, which, as Jason noted, took place at the pride of Greenwood, Indiana: Oaken Barrel Brewing Company. Joining us in this conversation of worldwide importance were Mike of the Indianapolis blog ridehorsey and his better half, Gina. After a brief debate, The Beastmaster was named as the king of all cheesy 1980's fantasy movies. Dar, after all, is everyone's hero.

So what about the Oaken Barrel Brewing Company itself, you ask? Well, this fine establishment has been providing Indy with fine beers since 1994. The Razz-Wheat, which is, not surprisingly, a raspberry wheat ale, seems to be a favorite among locals. You can find it on tap at many Indianapolis-area establishments. But we Knights decided to go for some of Oaken Barrel's heftier offerings. I began with a Superfly, which was an excellent dry IPA.

Then, it was on to the feature beer: the Snake Pit Porter. I've been drinking so much hoppy beer lately that I've forgotten what a pleasure a dark, chewy beer can be. And the Snake Pit was certainly a pleasure to drink. As you might expect, this porter pours with a thick, tan head. It has a dark brown body with a little bit of a reddish tinge. It also has a smoky nose. I got sweet hickory notes, along with a bit of caramel and molasses. The flavor is coffeeish without being overpowering. There is a hint of sweetness that follows on the back of the tongue. This sweetness is enticing, inviting the drinker to finish quickly and order another. It was hard for me to resist quaffing a second Snake Pit after finishing the first, but I had to pass because the next day was chock full of work for me.

My rating: 4 mugs. This is definitely a beer that you should put toward the top of your selection list should you pay the Oaken Barrel a visit.

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