10 September 2014

Before Canvitational, get to know Brewery Vivant!

We are getting excited for the upcoming Canvitational event happening later this month.  The lineup is very impressive again this year with Canvitational the only place you can get many of these beers due to their distribution. We wanted to get to know each of the participating breweries a little bit better. So, we've sent out a six pack questionnaire to each of them and we wanted to share them with you.

Up now is Jason Spaulding, President and Owner from Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids.  You can look forward to sampling from them:

Big Red Coq, Belgo-American Hoppy Red Ale
Farm Hand, French Style Farmhouse Ale
Triomphe, Belgian IPA
Undertaker, Belgian Style Dark Ale

1. What music do you hear most often on the brew deck?  

Actually no music is allowed in the brewery at all.  By keeping it quiet our brewers get to know all the sounds associated with our process; pumps, boiler, grain auger, canning line etc.  We find we have been able to troubleshoot quicker, and are better at our jobs.

2. What's your brewing mission? What are you trying to accomplish with your beer?  

Brewery Vivant beer is inspired by the small farm breweries of Southern Belgium and Northern France. The enthusiasm and artistic approach to beer those brewers exhibit, are values we tap into when brewing here in the States. The beer styles from these areas allow for a wide range of interpretation that is a mix of old traditions, brewing science, artistic interpretation of style, and an adventurous spirit to try new things. The mood of the brewer on any given day can lead to a new recipe or twist on an old favorite. This upholds that artistic quality we look for in our craft beer. The brewer matters--  making beer is a hands-on process. It is not always perfect, but that is what makes it art. It is made with heart and feeling. And to us that is why it is special.

3. How many beards can be found in the brewery on any given day? 

Hmmm four brewers, four beards also some ridiculous mustaches around here.

4. Which beers outside of your own do you enjoy? What beer do you wish you came up with? 

I always have some classic Belgian beers in my fridge; Duvel, Orval, Leffe, La Chouffe.  Also really enjoy beers from Solemn Oath in Chicago area, anything from the Bruery in California.  Really mad at those guys for coming up with "Tart of Darkness".  It is a wonderful beer so can't complain too much.

5. What's your go-to shift beer after a long day brewing?  

I usually drink our Farm Hand.  Just some nice nuances in that beer.  I taste different things everytime I drink it.  Depends on my mood, what I am eating, etc.  Lately though I have been downing our Tree Bucket Belgian style DIPA.  At 9.7% it is not a good idea to make that a shift beer.

6. What do you drink when you aren't drinking beer?  

I love bourbon.  A good Manhattan is one of my go-to drinks.  I make my own proprietary recipe and even soak sour cherries in booze in my fridge for a year to make the perfect accent to the drink

What is Canvitational?

The 2nd Annual Sun King CANvitational will take place in the heart of Midwest – Indianapolis, IN. Located on Georgia Street, known for Super Bowl XLVI festivities and Pan Am Plaza, the CANvitational is set to showcase 40+ craft breweries from all over America who CAN.

 On Saturday, September 20th, 2014, the 2nd Annual CANvitational will enlighten patrons to sampling craft beer from award winning breweries from across the USA, enjoy local eats provided by local food trucks and music that will be sure to get you dancing in the streets, in an urban downtown atmosphere. Tickets are available and the event will feature some familiar breweries, as well as many out of state. You can find more information about them and the event at http://canvitational.com/.

Tickets are available here.

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