26 August 2013

Sahm's Third Thursday Dinner - August 2013

Every 3rd Thursday, Sahm’s Place in Broad Ripple transforms a portion of the bar into a room full of eager diners and Bier Brewery enthusiasts. We were fortunate to experience the August edition first hand and look forward to making it out again in the future. If you want in on the next dinner (September 19th), you’ll have to visit Sahm’s Place to purchase your tickets (They go on sale September 1st). September’s dinner is a special one, as they'll be celebrating the First Anniversary for the monthly dinners. Rest assured they will be breaking out some special beers (including Bier’s sought after Pumpkin Ale).

First course:

“Gaucho Greens” / Farm Gal - 6%
Grilled Shrimp / Arugula / Tortilla / Ginger Lime Salsa / Avocado Cucumber Vinaigrette

Overall, this was my favorite pairing of the evening. I’m not sure that there is anything better paired with a saison than arugula. I loved the combination of flavors in the dinner course, and the refreshing beer cooled the heat of the salsa.    

“Delorean Caprese” / 1.21 Gigawatts - 11.3%
Watermelon / Mozzarella / Basil / Pickled Watermelon Rind / Watermelon Vinaigrette

I saw the menu for this dinner about a week before it took place and I couldn't stop thinking about this course. Every word in that description made my mouth water in anticipation. I was pleased with the pairing and I really enjoyed that they put an 11% Belgian Strong Ale with a lighter dish. I think it worked so well because the high ABV was masked in the beer, so it did not overwhelm the flavors in the food. Also, the watermelon and vinaigrette exploded with flavor, allowing it to match the intensity of the beer.

“Shining Manhattan” / Red Rum - 5%
Fried Turkey / Dumpling / Gravy / Mexican Corn / Sage

Comfort food for sure! The turkey was perfect, in texture and taste. I thought the corn was an interesting side with the turkey, but the spices played nicely with the beer. There was a great spicy/smoky balance between the corn and beer.

“Shake & Bake” / Billy Baroo - 8.1%
Chocolate Coffee Cake / Brandy Mousse / Beer Milk Shake

The introduction of the food included “a shit ton of chocolate”, and that is just fine by me. It was dense and chocolaty and was a perfect complement to the rich, delicious beer. It didn't matter how stuffed full of good food I was; I had to keep eating it. Billy Baroo was an additional surprise as it was a change on the menu, replacing Dred Brown.  

Thanks to Sahm's and Bier for the delicious meal!

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