27 December 2011

2012 Winterfest Volunteer Recruitment

Hey readers, fans, stalkers and enemies - the 2012 Winterfest is coming up next month and we have some extra volunteer positions to fill.  This year the Brewers of Indiana Guild has hired an Executive Director to organize the festivals, but we're still in charge of managing the day-of festivities which means we need some hard working volunteers!

If you have friends who have volunteered before, they can probably tell you what a great time it is.
We do require that all volunteers work the entire festival.
We also allow all our volunteers to take breaks and enjoy the festival, as long as they don't get drunk.

Winterfest is on January 28 this year.  In case you weren't keeping track, that is the weekend before the Super Bowl.  Please make sure that you are available that weekend before you sign up and that you don't have potential conflicting plans.  This thing also sold out early in 2011, so if you're planning on going, don't wait until the last minute to buy tickets!

Here's the link to sign up as a volunteer:  http://bit.ly/wf12volunteers

Feel free to share that on Twitter or Facebook or take a picture of it with Instagram of whatever people are doing now.  I'm anticipating that we will turn off volunteer signup on January 2, but realistically as soon as we have enough volunteers we'll turn the form off.  Volunteering is on a first come, first serve basis.  We'll be answering any questions you have in the comments.


  1. Says link is no longer working...

  2. It also says that I was planning on turning off the form on January 2. Check back for the next festival!