08 July 2010

Indiana Microbrewers Festival beer list, part 1: Indiana

The Indiana Microbrewers Festival is coming up in just over a week. The current forecast (according to my phone, anyway): mostly sunny, high of 88. So beautiful (but warm) weather. Better get your tickets now, either online, at your favorite brewery, or at Crown Liquors.

To help whet your appetite for the festival, here are some submitted beer lists. As a reminder, this is subject to change. All items listed are on draft unless otherwise noted. Not all beers will be available at all times. Check with individual breweries or follow the @DrinkIndiana Twitter feed for updates during the festival.

Alcatraz: Bock, Replicale, Alt.

Back Road: Midwest IPA, Farley’s Scottish Ale, Blueberry Ale, Belgian-style Wit

Barley Island: Flat Top Wheat, Dirty Helen Brown, BarFly IPA, New Harmony Naked Dunkel ReplicAle, Beasties Barrel Porter, Beastie Barrel Stout, Count Hopula Imperial IPA, Barrel Aged Altbier 2009 ReplicAle (firkin), Beastie Barrel Porter (pin)

Bee Creek: Hoosier Honey Wheat, Clay County Coffee Stout, Bee Creek Ale

Big Woods: Six Foot Blonde Ale, Busted Knuckle Red, Tim’s Big Woods Stout

Bloomington: Double Hop, Ruby, Pale, Java

Brugge: Tripel de Ripple, Pooka, Erasmus IPA, Kountry Kitty

Crown: Crown Light, Crown Brown, Special Forces IPA, Kill ‘Em Ale Double IPA

Granite City: Duke of Wellington IPA, Brother Benedicts Bock, Pride of Pilsner

Great Crescent: American Pale Ale, IPA, Stout, Replicale

Half Moon: M.I.L.F.-n-Honey Wheat Ale, The KokoMonster (Old Ale)

Lafayette: Star City Lager, Tippecanoe Common Ale, Eighty-Five, Black Angus Oatmeal Stout, 2x Dry Hopped Tippecanoe Common Ale (firkin), Big Boris Barleywine (bottle)

Mad Anthony: Summer Daze Wheat, Raspberry Wheat, American red, Good Karma IPA, Replicale, Dry Hopped Ol’ Woody Pale Ale (pin), Dry Hopped Good Karma IPA (pin)

Mishawaka: Four Horsemen Irish Ale, Loopy Lupillin Imperial IPA, Nit Wit Bier, Seven Mules Kick Ass Ale

New Albanian: Elsa von Horizon Imperial Pils, APA Project Rahr Pal Malt – Simcoe hops, APA Project Rahr Pale Malt – Chinook hops, Elector Imperial Red Ale, Beak’s Best American Bitter & Soul Liniment, Mt. Lee California Common Beer, ReplicAle (pin)

New Boswell: Cream Ale, Brown Ale

Oaken Barrel: Razz-Wheat, Alabaster Belgian wit, American Wheat, Pilsner

People’s: People’s Pilsner, Abberrant Amber, Mound Builder IPA, Mr. Brown, Fiddlin’ Willie Scottish, Bourbon Barrel Mound Builder IPA (pin)

Power House: Diesel Oil Stout, Pogo Stick American Wheat Ale, Two Dave’s IPA, ReplicAle, Total Eclipse of the Grain Belgian Style IPS (pin)

Ram: Big Red IPA, Indy Blonde, Double Deuce Alt, Replicale

Rock Bottom 86th St.: American Dream IPA, Bottoms Up Kolsch, Double Barrel Pale Ale, Naked Oatmeal Stout, Simcoe IPA (firkin)

Rock Bottom Downtown: Bottoms Up Kolsch, Hop Bomb IPA, American Dream IPA, replicale, Double Dry Hopped American Dream IPA (pin)

Sun King: Sunlight Cream Ale, Wee Mac Scottish Ale, Bitter Druid ESB, Osiris Pale Ale, Firefly Wheat, Espresso Robusto, Dominator Dopplebock, Westy IPA, Grapefruit Jungle IPA, Cream Dream III: The Search for Hops, Johan the Barleywine, ReplicAle (pin)

Three Floyds: Apocaplyse Cow, Dark Lord, Arctic Panzer Wolf, Robert the Bruce, Gorch Fock

Turoni’s Main St.: Black Light Lager, Uptown Rye Brown Ale, Helles Bock, Dubble

Upland: Wheat Ale, Helios Pale Ale, Nut Hugger Brown Ale, Dragonfly IPA, Double Dragonfly Imperial IPA, Baddest Elmer’s Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter, lambics (bottle)


  1. 1/8th of a barrel. Half a firkin.

  2. A pin of beer is four and a half gallons.

    At winterfest the Indiana Breweries were given reusable pins that they could use to make firkin, cask or specialty beers in - we're getting to reap the benefits at the festival this summer!

  3. For those who ever get confused about the difference between pins, firkins, barrels, etc., this is a handy website.