03 February 2010

Hoosier Beer Geek in the Indy Star

If you happened to check out the Indy Star's dining section today, you might have stumbled across the following:
Draft a winning Super Bowl party with Indiana beers
By Jolene Ketzenberger

As the Colts take on the New Orleans Saints in this weekend's Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, fans who want to toast their team with a true-blue beverage have plenty of local options.

But we're not talking blue drinks. We're talking beer.

Indiana is home to more than 30 craft breweries that produce a wide range of beers, the perfect homegrown addition to a game-day menu. With such names as Rad Red, Sheet Metal Blonde and Snake Pit Porter, Indiana beers are gaining attention and fans.

"The first thing people need to know is that Indiana's craft breweries are as good as they'll find anywhere in the world," said Mike Atwood, who, along with several other craft beer fans, writes the Hoosier Beer Geek blog (hoosierbeergeek.blogspot.com).
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  1. Man, the Indy Star has stooped to new levels I'd thought not possible. Apparently they'll just interview anyone off the street...