04 December 2006

3 at 3 Floyds

I had an unexpected treat on Saturday night. We went to Chicago for my wife's family reunion, and her parents only live about 25 minutes away from Muenster, IN, home of Three Floyds. So my brother-in-law and I decide to meet over there for a few beers after the reunion. I jumped at the rare chance to try some of one of my favorite brewer's product straight from the tap on-site. I can get Alpha King, Robert the Bruce, Gumballhead, and Dreadnaught any old time, so I decided only to go with the one's you can only get in the brew pub. Now, I could only go with three, because as you can see by the ABV, they're not whimpy beers.

Because the Kights of the Beer Roundtable is planning a full-on roadtrip and review at 3 Floyds in the next few weeks, I'm going to refrain from review, but only offer the menu descriptions, and my Mug assignment to each.

BrooDoo - An intensely hoppy, yet well-balanced harvest ale using Warrior hops along with wet hops from our very own garden. 7.5% ABV. I give it 3.5 Mugs - a bit more flavor than Dreadnaught, but not quite as good.

Chubby Brown - Our brown ale, smooth and malty with flavors of baker's chocolate and cocoa powder. Some of the malts were toasted in our own pizza oven. 8% ABV. I gave this one 4 Mugs - not usually a chocolate beer uber-fan, but I must have had a sweet tooth.

Alpha Klaus - Our Christmas seasonal, a robust porter with notes of bitter unsweetened baker's chocolate and roasted coffee flavors. 7% ABV. 5 Mugs - 'nuff said.

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