18 January 2008

A picture is worth a thousand beers...

Bob and Jim at World Class Beverages had a few of the Knights over to tour their facility. A very large facility. Yes, it is shared with their parent company, Monarch Beverages, and yes, the majority of the space was filled with Miller, Coors, and other related big names. What we enjoyed the most were the WCB areas like this:

Boxes and boxes of beautiful better beer! And there were kegs. By far the most beautiful of the kegs came from Brugge.

These slender, red rubber coated beauties are the supermodels of beer kegs. But remember, it's not about the looks. It's what is inside that matters.

But for me, the real excitement came when I saw this...

and these...

Ladies and gentlemen, Bell's Hopslam is in the warehouse! And soon, Hopslam will have left the building, thank you very much. Keep an eye out at your favorite beer purveyors because it should be arriving soon. You can also check up on WCB's Beer Finder to follow that booze.


  1. hot shotz up on 96th has hopslam on tap...wait for it...wait for it... now. they have 31 gallons of it, plus whatever else they have in bottles.

  2. This is like Beaujolais Nouveau Day for Midwest beer geeks!

    Instead of my usual stops, I hit one of the Crown Liquor stores that the WCB tracker said would have it. The 71st St. store had ONE case....I didn't want to be TOO greedy so I only took half of it! I expect I'll find it at other places later on and I just wanted to have some for tonight.

  3. I'll admit, the only time I've had Hopslam I was kind of "eh" about it, but with the way you guys treat it like the holy grail of beers, I suppose I can give it a second chance...

  4. Rodney -- Taking cues from your recommended book, The Beermaster's Table (and a note from Jason about paring DIPAs with very strong flavors), I had some Hopslam with a sharp white cheddar that was out of this world. Consider a strong cheese when you give it a second chance!

  5. Hotshotz...quality publicans up there, not suprising that they'd be all over it.

    Bonus points for using the phrase "Beaujolais Nouveau".

    And Rodney, we won't hold it against ya...just means more for me!

  6. my wife scored a case of hopslam for me this year, which i tried last night (for the first time!) and WOW you guys weren't kidding -- it is fantastic.

    yummy, yummy beer.

  7. Chris -

    Congrats on finding Hopslam - as of right now my nearest bottled source is 11 miles away - and congrats on the fantastic wife... a whole case? Nice work on her part.