08 January 2008

The Hopslam Who-What

If you're like us, you're anxiously awaiting this year's batch of Bell's Hopslam (Reviewed KOTBR #6). Rumor has it that there will only be one batch of Hopslam this year, so with that thought in mind, I sent an email over to our man Bob at World Class Beverages to see what's up.
Hi Mike,

Bell’s is indeed bottling Hopslam later this week, but that likely means that it will not be available for us to pick up until early next week, which means stores will start getting it later next week. As for a second run, I’ve heard that rumor, but I have not heard that confirmed. My fear would be that the hop shortage might create a problem for a second run and I don’t really expect a second run.

We’re expecting a pretty fair amount of Hopslam in Indiana this year (more than last year), and we will be getting all of it next week in one shipment. As to where, I don’t know that I can give you a specific list of which retailers will order it, but all of the usual suspects should have it like Kahn’s, come Crown stores, Parti Pak, some Payless stores, etc.

Draft Hopslam will be available at the same time but the number of kegs is a little more limited than the cases. I would expect about 35-40 retailers total, in the state, to get kegs. Again, some of the usual suspects will have draft. Bell’s definitely likes to reward retailers who sell Bell’s beer year round with Hopslam, so the bigger Bell’s retailers are the people who will get the kegs.

Of course, the Beer Finder at our website will be updated daily with places that have gotten their shipments of Hopslam. By about 9am each morning, it will reflect those stores who got their deliveries the previous day.

I would expect to see a lot of retailers getting onto their shelves the week of January 20th, but some retailers who are ordering sooner will get it sooner. Retailers don’t always order beer every week, so not everyone will have it right away.

Thanks for asking! I’m licking my lips for some Hopslam right now!

Bob Mack
World Class Beverages


  1. Bob just confirmed that we're only getting one batch of Hopslam this year.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm going to have to put that Beer Finder on my morning rotation next week.

  3. I cannot wait to get my hands on this this year.

    It was 13 a sixer last year, I wonder what price point this is going to be this year.

  4. The beer finder at world class says no one has ordered it within 100 miles of Indy in the last 4 months. :(

  5. I think the only reason it hasn't been ordered is because it's not available.

    I'd check the beer finder again next week, hooky.

  6. I finally picked up a six-pack and was surprised to see this on the label:

    "Ale Brewed with Honey"

    I don't recall seeing that on the first batch that was released.

  7. I just took a look at World Class Beverages to see where Hopslam kegs were around Indy and, no offense to Muncie, but why does Muncie have the same number of kegs as all of Indy (3)?

  8. Probably because the Heorot and the Fickle Peach will sell the shit out of the stuff.

  9. What's odd is the Deano's isn't on that list - I had Hopslam there just this past Friday.

    They've also got on Brugge White and Barley Island Black Majic.

  10. Jim, I'm with you, I don't remember the honey line being on the label.

  11. I think you guys are right about "honey." The label at WCB is the one from last year, which doesn't have a mention of honey:


    Also, the number of kegs in Indy makes more sense as of today, as MacNiven's, Deano's and Chumley's all got added to the list. Still surprised that Shallos doesn't have it (or maybe they do and it's just not listed). They usually have about 4 Bell's beers on tap.

  12. Been past two 21st Amendment stores with signs outside that say "Bell's Hopslam." First time I've ever seen that. Very promising.