04 March 2012

The Session #61: Roundup

I am really happy with all of the writing this month.  I tried to keep the question vague on purpose, and many people took it quite literally, while others took a completely different spin. This seems like a pretty divisive subject, but nothing that couldn't be settled over a few pints.  

Well done all!

Steve Lamond has a great posting about a very cool lambic blending operation going on in the UK. He also has an addendum to the subject as well.  

Gareth Jones at Beeradvice talks about an alternative to local styles

The Tale of Ale has an interesting Irish take on the subject.  I think it is very cool a local beer to me helped an Irishman start his craft beer journey.  

Mr. David J over at Good Morning thinks about local wherever he happens to be, but still enjoy's his home local the most.  

T.J. Samulis over at Happily Hopped brings up points of origin for ingredients, but still how his local Flying Fish is truly local.  

Stan Hieronymus over at  Appellation Beer has a very succinct and to the point opinion on the subject of local.  

Al over at Fuggled has another take on how point of origin for ingredients changes his outlook on what local beer is. 

Derrick Peterman has a nice write-up on his local over at Ramblings of a Beer Runner.   I won't hold him gradating from The Ohio State University against him though.

Jake over at BeerBrarian takes a regulator look at local in the great Washington DC area. 

Matt at Beer and food stuff looks at his local and how he spends his money on them.  

The Beer Nut takes a look at his geographical local which happens to be Carlsburg.

Chris from Draft Magazine posts one of the best clips from Portlandia and still has a soft spot for his truly home local beer even though he spends his professional time talking about all of the great beer that is local to somewhere.  

Beer Search Party takes a good look at what the term local means to him.  

Simon Johnson over at Reluctant Scooper has another short and too the point take on local. I would like to have a few pints with Simon and talk with him about his views.  I agreed 100% with him not long ago.  

Ghost Drinker comes to the conclusion that local beer isn't better.  

Jon Jefferson from 10th Day Brewing takes ask an interesting question about what breweries might be sending out to the public and what they might be keeping for the tap house.  

Craig over at DrinkDrank breaks the question down four ways.  

Scott over at Beerbecue has an attorney's take on the subject.  Turns out the US government says local beer needs to be within 400 miles from brewery to sales point to be considered local.

Make Mine Potato has some great beer porn pics along with his thoughts on the local.  

Justin over at the Brew Review talks about his local PA breweries.  

Phil over at Beersay has a great post that could lead to other things, and a good point about how to better bring together bloggers over this topic.  

Alan over at A Good Beer Blog talks about local isn't better if the brewer and brewery are not good people. I must agree.  If a brewers beer is good and they are not an ass I will drink their beer.  

The Thirsty Pilgrim keeps it short and sweet on his views.  

Jay over at A Beer in Hand talks about his support of his local.  
What a great turnout this month!  Again, well done all who participated.  If I missed anyone leave a post and I will update the page. 




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